Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

FLYNFARE LLC is a popular online travel portal that is known for providing flight tickets to various destinations, excellent holiday deals, different types of travel packages, amazing offers in terms of hotels, and provides guides who are experts in travel as well as plenty of other interesting deals. When it comes to the privacy policy of flynfares the company is strict about the maintenance of data and how it remains secured with the company. One is aware of the fact that users put complete faith in the travel portal and give out personal information in terms of booking flights and tour packages. Ensuring the safety of customer information is the highest priority of the travel portal. Transactions are kept a secret every time the deal is made.

Type of information collected by the portal

  • Some information is collected the moment the user visits the website. Some of the information is not to be disclosed. The information that is received in form of data includes a history that is searched on the net, which operating system is computer-based on when it is used by the user. Further browser and URL are also recorded
  • Moment you think of making a booking online in terms of travel some extra information is gathered from the user this includes mobile or telephone number, information related to credit card, details related to passport, some travel-related planning and so on.
  • If you directly visit the FLYNFARE LLC website details such as email address and information about nearby airport are collected. Further, if you take the help of other sites such as Facebook and Gmail then the details present there are used.
  • Lastly a declaration has to be made that the data given by the user is true and absolutely authentic. The user takes full responsibility for it.

The ways information is collected

  • There are multiple ways of collecting data
  • The data is collected if the user purchases travel packages online through email or telephone
  • Further if you take a subscription to a newsletter or participate in various competitions hosted by the website
  • The data is collected in form of cookies that depend on the interest of the users. This makes FLYNFARE LLC friendly for the users.
  • Further the calls made by the travelers to the company can be recorded for the training of the staff and can be used in the future.
  • The data will be handled according to the privacy policy.

Which place the information is shared?

  • The information is shared by the people who provide services in terms of hotels, car providers as well as others who support different kinds of travel. It is important to gain information about parties who give travel support before making a booking with flynfare
  • Agencies that give necessary services to the travelers have to get information from FLYNFARE LLC for the travelers but the information cannot be misused by them.
  • In terms of business partners whose help the travel portal is taking may ask for information from the traveler personally. They may seek email addresses and phone numbers but one thing has to be clear that there is no control over the privacy policy of the partners.
  • Further there are travel companies that provide products and services according to the interest of the travelers have a separate privacy policy.
  • Information can also be shared with the government authorities if there is suspicious activity against the company.
  • Lastly, it depends upon the customer regarding receiving offers and various product services. Also, the customers have the full right to unsubscribe.

Securing the data

It is completely ensured that information received from the interested travelers is completely secured when the booking is made in terms of hotels, planes, and various travel-related issues. The security measures are taken in terms of physical and technical so that it cannot be misused by others. Any illegal way of accessing information is not allowed. This includes information related to debit or credit cards.

Policy related to cookies

Every travel expert tries extremely hard to be in the good books of every traveler by providing interesting things on websites and mobile applications as well as other methods. So, the cookies are used to provide the best services according to the interest of the users.

Definition of a cookie

  • Cookie refers to a text file that gives the best possible experience when you visit the website
  • If the cookie is placed one doesn’t have to bother about constantly writing a username and password each time the website is visited.
  • As per the interest the cookie on the website responds extremely fast as per the interest of the users. A cookie is important as it helps to retrieve information.
  • Further the cookie improves the speed of the website. It helps to understand the likes and dislikes of the user
  • It narrows down to make a choice out of the most favored destination of the user. Further various deals are offered to the user.
  • If one tries to control the cookies, visiting certain websites can be restricted.
  • You can completely trust cookies to improve understanding and experience on the website

External Usage

FLYNFARE LLC uses various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook to get more likes and support for the travel portal. If by chance the user comes across some links that take you to another website it does not come under privacy policy. So, it is important to go through the privacy policy flynfare. In case the browsing is done outside the United States of America, the data will be transferred and processed in the USA.

Amendments in the policy

In the near future, there may be changes in the policy which will be notified to the customers through email or some notice will be put on the website.

How to reach us?

When it comes to know about the privacy policy or to buy various services from the travel portal one can visit It can be visited for an inquiry that is general in nature and for information regarding services visit For any form of feedback, you must visit Further, a phone call can be made at 1-888-831-1814. Also, the permanent address is Irving, TX 75038, USA


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