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FLYNFARE LLC is the sole owner of the website www.flynfare.com. In case you are using this website, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of the site. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions then it is better to avoid the use of the website. The FLYNFARE LLC has the full authority to make changes and amendments without prior notice given to the website.

Rules over the use

When it comes to flynfare, the providers have the complete right to access information and content in terms of graphics that gives out travel-related knowledge and prices of the various tour and travel packages.

  • People are not allowed to use the website and its related information in form of a commercial way or impersonal way.
  • User is not allowed to make duplicate copies of the content available on the website with the help of the robot, scraper, and another type of means as well as process.
  • Violation will take place if someone avoids limitation on the website
  • Action that leads to an immense burden on the website and business, as well as the company, should be avoided.
  • Some extra use of some part of the website especially the purchase of travel services

Limitation on liability and representations

FLYNFARE LLC takes full responsibility for providing genuine information in terms of the use of content that is available on the website. A person who visits this website is fully responsible for utilizing the content that is available on the website according to his own will. FLYNFARE LLC should not be affected by any harm in case a visitor makes a blunder on the basis of information available on the website. FLYNFARE LLC vouchers for providing the right information but there may be errors in terms of facts and also technical.

Information related to travel

The website provides information all related to travel whether it is locations, agents, packages, various transportations, different schedules, and so on. All this information is gathered from other sources like hotels, airliners, and providers of transport. One thing that should be kept in mind that data will not be accurate and may not be changed from time to time. Further FLYNFARE LLC may not provide the correct information of the various service providers in that case one has to visit their individual website. Further, it is encouraged to go by government-issued warning, prohibitions, announcements made in terms of international travel.

Factor related to promotion and pricing

Products and services available on the website are directly related to their availability. The cost of services and travel expenses may change without any prior notice. There are chances of making extra payment which is not mentioned on the website like money related to car, tour and so on. The website FLYNFARE LLC does not behave as a vendor to collect taxes for government authorities.

Involvement of the third party

There are chances of availability of the site to site connection of various service providers which can be taken care of by different persons or companies. Though the services are not sponsored or affiliated with the FLYNFARE LLC portal. The website is not responsible for the use of the information by another website if the user clicks the link from the main website. As it does not fall under privacy policy.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Within 24 Hours booking is refundable after 24 hours its completely non-refundable (Note If the travel is with in 7 days booking is completely non-refundable) This Reservation/Transactions are completely nonrefundable, and non- Cancellable , No Credit can be issued on this reservation before or after travel, Changes can be done with fare difference and penalty.

Confidentiality of information

FLYNFARE LLC makes full assurance of protecting information when the booking is made in terms of air travel and tour packages. The company is strict about not entertaining any other type of data other than information related to travel and booking. It is encouraged not to give away private information through email or web post.


The information present on the website does not provide any warranty with regard to infringement. In any circumstances, the company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by the inability in terms of the use of the site. The company is not liable for any damage caused beyond $5. The service providers in terms of hotels and airlines are not employees of flynfare. FLYNFARE LLC is not to be held responsible in terms of damage, death, and other incidents taking place because of the negligence of service providers. The law allows the company to be released of responsibility in terms of damages, claims, and various expenses.

Law by the government

The agreement of this company in in accordance with the law of the State of California. Law is between the residents of California without the conflict of law of provision. The users have to accept in case of any dispute it has to be resolved in the court of Santa Clara California.

Some extra details

The terms and conditions provided by the company should be followed completely. The rules are valid and completely enforceable. When you use this website, you accept to abide by the terms and conditions of the website.

How to get connected?

If you have any type of questions related to the terms of the company especially in case of buying of product or services. The company can be contacted by visiting admin@flynfare.com. For travel purchases and booking visit admin@flynfare.com. Through these websites, it is easier to connected and solve your grievances. For any form of suggestion, you must visit infp@flynfare.com. One can also get in touch by calling 1-888-831-1814. The address of the company is Irving, TX 75038, USA.


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